Hey Denton, The Deliciousness of Detroit-Style Pizza is Here!


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No matter how you slice it, our pizza is square.

Detroit Style

If your taste requires a thicker crust, then our Detroit style is for you. The Detroit pizza got its name from Detroit autoworkers utilizing what was around them to make pizzas, square oil pans! This twice fermented dough is made with local honey and rises to a thick airy perfection.

It’s a 2 day process, baked in a seasoned “square pan”, and takes a little more love. You’ll know it’s worth it as you bite into the thick golden edge with the ground tomato sauce on top. We only prepare 30 of these each day so reserve yours early!

Midwest Style

Our Midwest style thin pizza starts with handmade dough and is covered with the freshest ingredients all the way to the edge.

No skimping here! This Pi is square cut so everyone can get a piece of that thin crisp cheesy edge and chewy middle.

Pi Squared Pizza

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